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workshop.jpg (13668 bytes)Dollmaking is an extraordinary art.   To make a porcelain doll, from start to finish, a doll artist must know how to do the following: sculpt the face (if it is an original creation), make the mold, pour the mold, clean and fire the porcelain, paint and fire features and skin tone, set eyes, make clothing (including undergarments), make shoes, make a wig, and perhaps make accessories.   Many dollmakers (myself included) do ALL these things from scratch--they make their wigs from mohair, they cut the shoes out of leather, and if there is jewelry, they fashion it out of beads, rhinestones and wire!!  There are very few other areas in the arts which require such a broad range of disciplines.  With the explosion and acceptance of "art dolls" in the 1990s, dollmaking is becoming more and more a respected art, and not just another craft activity. 

Miniatures2.jpg (22276 bytes)I hope that this section of the site will be useful to the doll artists, and of interest to the collectors!

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