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Explore dolls--antique to modern!

Explore dolls--antique to modern!  BarbieTonner DollsMadame Alexander Dolls, Marie Osmond Dolls Annette Himstedt, Baby Dolls, 50s/60s Fashion DollsAntique Dolls,--you'll find it all from Denise Van Patten Dolls in association with Katherine's Cottage.

We sell dolls of all eras through Katherine's Cottage, my doll shop and also Katherine's Cottage of Dolls on eBay. We've been selling dolls online since 1994!

Vintage and antique dolls,bought and sold; I am always looking to purchase pre-1970 dolls, doll clothes and accessories in any condition, and old laces, trims, buttons and doll ephemera. 

Finally, don't miss my book, the Official Price Guide To Dolls, a new and  innovative price guide about dolls, including market reports and over 600 information-packed pages.


3/24/07:   Don't forget that our online shop including vintage, antique dolls and modern dolls has moved to with over 1,000 dolls for sale. Also, don't miss Katherine's Cottage of Dolls on eBay with over 800 dolls for sale.   For doll information, you should visit  Doll Collecting At , the biggest doll information site on the Internet..  Read hundreds of doll articles, get weekly news, and view over 1,200 doll links!. We are known throughout the web for our innovative and FREE doll clip art--hundreds of images dolls, children and Victoriana (even kewpies!)!  Finally, SIGN UP for my Free Doll Collecting Newsletter from doll collecting and dollmaking tips, articles, contests, news, and more--9,000+ subscribers!!  
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BOOKS!   I offer discounted books on dolls,  minis, ribbonwork, sewing and vintage buttons. Go to my Bookstore  for  my selections, or click the amazon logo to find other books!
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 SHOP! Always adding new items to my Online Doll Shop at Katherine's with over 1,000 dolls for sale, including Tonner Dolls, Madame Alexander and Marie Osmond, and also  Katherine's Cottage of Dolls on eBay  which includes fixed price items and auctions. Both sites accept  Paypal, VISA, Discover, American Express and Master Card via a secure shopping system. For UPDATES on all new items and dolls on the site;  sign up for my FREE e-mail Katherine's  Newsletter!

My items on eBay

SHOW, CLASS and links UPDATE:    I'll be at IDEX in Las Vegas in June, 2007 at eBay Live!, 2007, at the UFDC conference in Engene, Oregon Apri, 2007 and the UFDC conference in Tuscon, Arizona September, 2007!

mail.gif (523 bytes)I'd LOVE to hear from you, whether you are a dollmaker, seamstress, or collector, or if you would like to order something: please e-mail me at:           



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This page was last updated on 03/24/07. My items on eBay

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